Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

System Analysis and Control Department

  • was founded in 1971;
  • carries out preparation of bachelors and masters of direction "System Analysis“ since 1999;
    • 4 professors, 3 doctors of sciences;
    • 8 associate professors (4 Phd in physics and mathematics, 4 Phd in technical sciences);
    • 4 experienced assistants.
      Scientific Direction
    • Applicating of artificial intelligence methods to solving industrial problems in metallurgy and mining.
    • Optimal control of systems with distributed parameters. Approximation of Optimization Problems for Ill-Posed Nonlinear Elliptic Systems.
    • Research of stability and stabilization of unsteady rotation of a rigid body with fluid, modeling of complex systems.
    • Optimal two-stage allocation of material flows in a transport-logistic system with continuously distributed resource.
    • Mathematical modeling and methods for solving problems of optimal multiplex partitioning of sets.
    • Development of the adversarial attack algorithms.
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