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System Analysis and Control Department

Since its creation in 1971, department has provided education for professionals of many technical specialties related subjects of special branches of mathematics, probability theory, statistics and other applied mathematics branches.

Throughout its existence, the department changed its name three times. Named in the creation of the "Mathematical Methods of Operations Research" Department, in 1975 it was renamed to the "Applied Mathematics and Technical Cybernetics" Department. Since 1985, the Department was entitled to the Department of "Technical Systems Control" and was refocused on automation of large industrial complexes, which is quite a lot in Dnipropetrovsk region.
Our department received its present name in 1999 with the first intake of students for education on the specialty "System Analysis and Management". At the same time the department was headed by Professor Vladimir Slesarev who is head of Department by this day.
In addition to students majoring in "System Analysis and Control", professors of our department provide in-depth mathematical training of students of other specialties in Information Technology Faculty.
Our department is relatively small, around 14 professors and assistants, but it well known outside the university for high level education of students and innovative research.
The main scientific direction of the department is modeling and automation of production processes in the Mining and Metallurgical industry.

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